Happy New Year 🙂

It is not yet too late to make a New Year’s resolution that is if you believe in resolutions. For some resolutions are goals that they set and never achieve however, for some they set goals that God willing they actually achieve.
All over social media, different Bibi to be’s have one resolution in common             ‘TO GET MARRIED TO THEIR BEST FRIENDS’ if you are not one of      them I am sure you have seen their different messages flooding your timeline. These messages are really sweet and can elicit a bit of FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out)…depending on where you stand in the romance food chain.
I would like to suggest another resolution for these brides ….

I have talked to many couples….all at different stages in their marriages. Most     of them can attest to the fact that they got married to their best friends.” Are     they still married to their best friends?” you may ask…well…a minority are. The rest…well let’s just say life happened…bills came into the picture…hectic work hours robbed them of quality time….babies came into the home and in the     midst of all the chaos that life brought their way, they stayed together but drew apart a little more each day. It’s not uncommon to hear that many spouses, women   especially are lonely in their marriages. They still live with their spouses… the friend that they exchanged vows with on that beautiful day. However, they became spouses and forgot they were friends in the first place. They forgot the things that made them enjoy each other’s company. Unless you are accountants, I really doubt that calculating bills each and every day is an activity that draws spouses together and makes them develop their friendship a     bit more each day.

Sooooo for all the Bibi 2 be’s this year, A wedding is one day….a marriage is          many days hopefully a lifetime. A wedding is a one day affair (yes all the planning       and meetings bear fruit on that beautiful day.) A marriage is an institution that lasts as long as you are both willing to make it work.

Plan to enter this institution to STAY in it. You may need to work on your friendship but work can be fun:). For those already married…continue             cultivating that friendship and enjoy each other’s company. It is never too late        to start working on it.

This is the start of a year full of happiness, love, friendship, more so, displaying HIS splendor in each of our relationships.

Bibi2Be 🙂



  1. Anonymous says:

    its amazing love, but i want to know more about what to expect, how to react when things don’t go as i expect them to, how to manage my anger when am angry and how to make my bwana to be listen to me :)…congratulations

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