Lovers Don’t Shout

Many a times I just want a clear concise answer to a question from God but sometimes I can barely hear Him. Two weeks ago, during one of my moments, as we were driving home I turned to my husband and asked him, “Why is God’s voice like a still whisper? Why doesn’t He just shout like **BOOM**?” my husband calmly replied, “Because lovers don’t shout. For a minute I was dumbfounded…make that 5 minutes. I had never thought about it like that.  I began to think out loud as we drove home, “Why would Christ my groom ever shout at me?” I realized my initial question pointed to an occasional ‘situational problem’.

The thing with Christ is that He is a gentleman. (I thought it would be nice to mention that before I get to the lovey-dovey part ) He is the ULTIMATE groom; I mean He gave His own life for me(you) so that the two of us(you) would spend eternity together.

Back to my occasional ‘situational’ problem…when I struggle to hear Him most I am the one who has moved away. By some miracle, I usually expect to hear Him speak louder than all the noise in my life. The thing that this conversation taught me is that:-

 If I can’t hear God I need to move CLOSER.

You may ask what does ‘closer’ look like seeing as God is physically present but not often perceived as tangible. Through the spirit you can enjoy ‘One-ness’ with God. On rare occasions I have seen ‘intimacy’ occur when two people are apart, like us and Christ, they may be ‘physically apart’ but it is possible for them to connect on a HIGHER level (no, I do not mean weed) and be vulnerable with each other.

Lovers by the nature of their relationship have to remain close to each other for their relationship to thrive. The times that I want God to speak up mean that I need to settle down and draw closer to Him.

The song ‘Draw me’ by James Fortune & FIYA feat Anaysha Figueroa reminds me how to get close to Him when I stray. The version below is a cover by the Eydely Worship Channel


Both the verbal and non-verbal  aspects of intimacy are important.It can surprise you how much fun it is to sit and enjoy His presence-sort of like staring into your lovers eyes and knowing exactly what he means without him saying a word.

Lovers enjoy spending time togetherLovers enjoy spending time together

Our loving groom is waiting to talk to us, to be with us and to carry us. He longs to be intimate with us. This requires such closeness because lovers don’t shout.



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