Make Him Smile :)

I remember when I was dating and courting I would strive to put a smile on my boyfriend and fiances face (respectively)…not that anything has changed in marriage 🙂 but for purposes of this post let’s focus on life before marriage. During this time, I read the 5 languages of love…I heard it was a good book to read. The 5 languages made it easy to categorize the things that I do that make him smile. Once I figured them out…he smiled 🙂 and he still does.

He still Smiles :)

He still Smiles 🙂

In my last post , Lovers Don’t Shout I told you about the ULTIMATE groom. Recently it hit me,  if I would spend time trying to figure out what my boyfriend/fiancé liked so that I could make him smile how much more then do I need to spend time with the ULTIMATE groom and figure out what He likes? Figure out what would make Him smile. He makes me smile, from the whispers of His voice to creation displaying His splendor.

You may ask what does making God smile look like…are there any tips I can share? Well, it is about your relationship with Him. A song by Jonathan Nelson Smile/Better is One day may shed some light on that:-

This song makes me think about whether the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 84 truly reflect my reality…Is one day in His courts better to me than a thousand elsewhere? Is sitting in His presence and learning what makes Him smile what warms my heart? If it is, then my desire should be to spend time in His presence and make HIM SMILE.

‘Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful’~ Thich Nhat Hanh . That is what I desire to tell my groom. How can making God smile ever make me sad? If it involves offering myself as a living sacrifice to Him that His will may be done on earth then I will gladly do it. I will completely and I mean completely surrender myself to Him.

The reality is that He is coming back for His BRIDE so that He may whisk her away and they may spend eternity together. Not just one day in His courts, more like FOREVER in HIS courts…in HIS kingdom. This fact my friends, affirms my desire to make Him smile 🙂 .This ‘marriage’ will be forever ….ahh…. I really like the sound of that.

Let’s make Him smile 🙂



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