Easter Is Here :)

The long weekend is here *squeals and does the Faiba dance*


Come to think about it, there are similarities between Easter and Faiba. Christ dying on the cross ensured that were No more technical hitches such as restricted areas -He tore the veil…we now have direct access to the throne. Yes, we have instant access to the holy of holy’s…No more buffering aka burnt offerings; He is and was THE OFFERING for our sin.

As we prepare for the long weekend and all the fun activities that will take place, let us not forget the reason for the season as we enjoy some R&R.  May Easter be so real to us, that we remember the emotions elicited by the reality that Christ hung on the cross for us. May His death be real to us. May we not forget that He, Jesus, was without sin and became sin for our sake. He was and is the Lamb of God who laid His life down for our sake. There is no better offering.

May the death of Christ remind us that He made a way for us to enjoy eternity with Him. Christ was selfless on the cross; we too should share the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection that many more may come to know Him; so that they may experience His unfailing love.

Christ is truly the wonderful and merciful savior. I stand in Awe of Him.

Have a happy Easter. *Back to the Faiba Dance*




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