His Best-Lesson From Moving House

Moving house is not something I look forward to.  It is just a hassle and a half, mainly because I am very particular about how I want my things handled etc…also I have very little house-moving experience. I first moved house from my parent’s home to my marital home last year and then once more from Nairobi to Mombasa this year. The latter was soo much work, I have never packed like that in my life.

Anyway, earlier last  month I had to consider moving house again, I was exhausted even before I begun house hunting; it also really doesn’t help that in the coastal city the agents fee is half a months rent, yup, you read right.

We house hunted for two days.

Day 1- it was good, we saw about 5 houses but none of them was the ‘IT’ house….you know the one that gives you warm fuzzy feelings when you see it. In fact I went home rather bummed, you know, it is not like there is a shortage of houses in Mombasa, I mean the real estate in parts of Mombasa shames many places in Nairobi. It was just that I hadn’t found the ONE- plus i really dislike moving, it is a draining activity and I wanted to move once and for all. I am sure you are looking for the lesson…walk with me 🙂 As I reflected that evening I remembered a conversation I had with some friends of mine. They told me that before they moved house they wrote a list of what they wanted and trusted God for it. I thought to myself if it worked for them it could work for us. That evening I told my husband that it was the way forward and called the agent and asked him to show us other houses the following day.

Day 2- Early in the morning I woke up and wrote the list, the desire of my heart(the raw and uncut edition) and prayed over it. Overall, what I asked God for was HIS BEST-I wrote the whole list of my heart’s desires and then wrote ‘YOUR BEST’ at the top.  We met with the agent and he took us to the first apartments we would see, they were much nicer compared to the ones we saw the previous day. However, they did not meet the full criteria I had written down, so we soldiered on. We picked up another agent and then he took us to see some other houses and THIS WAS IT. Yes the warm and fuzzy feeling was present. *Happy dance*

Later that evening I was reading Mark 1:40-43. What stood out for me was verse 40

“A man with leprosy came to him and begged him on his knees, “If you are willing, you can make me clean.””

I realized that many times about certain things it is easy to conclude that God is not willing to give us His best, as a result we do not ask Him. Later on we asked God, which house we should take in that block. Looking at the houses they were all nice, I mean they were built by the same people…but we understood that there was the one that the Lord desired us to be in. Many times we move in haste and forget to ask God to position us where He needs us to be, instead, we just go with what pleases our eyes yet there is a whole other dimension out there.

This verse for me has become more relevant and practical over these last couple of days:-

“So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” Gal 5:16 (NIV) Walking by the spirit gives you what is commonly referred to as ‘foresight’. When God directs your path and positions you in His will you are at the best place you can ever be.

Today, I encourage you to ask Him for HIS BEST and stand in AWE as He blows your mind away.



10 thoughts on “His Best-Lesson From Moving House

  1. Naomi says:

    Wow I like this.. It is also very timely in my life as i have to make a certain decision and i haven asked God for his Best. Let me sit and wait to be blow away. Be Blessed Ess

  2. Lyn Sheri says:

    Sigh. I needed this reminder. Thank you Jesus my Love. And thank you my Ess 🙂 Missing you ever so much!

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