Family is commonly referred to as the ‘backbone’ of society.

Society is having a serious problem with its spinal cord. It can barely sit ,let alone, stand. To a large extent it is slowly falling apart. All you need to do is watch news bulletins for one week ….errr… half an hour and then you will see what I mean.

The family institution is falling apart. Marriage and family have lost their credibility…so has society. Reminds me of the Cain and Abel story. Once Cain killed Abel, there was a shift in society. ‘Wanderers’ were introduced. The reality is that God had and still has a plan for family but we reap what we sow. What happens in the four walls of homes affects what happens in the four walls of establishments. 

The Nature versus Nurture debate is one that has gone on for years. Are you born with an empty slate or with innate knowledge? Regardless of how you answer that question family plays a big role.

A few weeks ago, two mothers had a debate on why they will send their children to boarding school at a tender age. The conclusion of the hour long conversation is that they wanted society to teach their kids because they did not feel that the family institution was adequate. The irony…..

We need to realize that the family institution is being fought and the battle is reflecting in society. Family is God’s idea. Now, generations are at stake because the family institution has crumbled. There are many theories on why this ‘cookie’ crumbled, however, it is not too late to start fighting for family.

If we realized how crucial family is in society, it would change how we treated others in regards to family. Some work places regard family as baggage. The rationale usually is that if you have a family you cannot commit and are not to be trusted as much, then the frustration begins….

When I got married I decided that family would always come first. This may mean different things for different people, for some working two jobs, others going abroad to study…the list is endless. For me, it has meant stating that my family comes first at the beginning and not minding losing the opportunity because I choose not to work late into the night.

The bottom line is, once we respect the family institution and work on it, we will see the effects in society.




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