A ♥ Story

I really like hearing love stories 🙂  especially real life stories. They are much better than Mills & Boon and soap operas in my opinion, especially when you see them unfold before your eyes.

Some people think that there is a ‘right time’  to fall in love, but sometimes love just happens, sweeps you off your feet and as they say ‘the rest is history’.

I asked a friend of mine to write about getting married young, and this is what she had to say….

Soooo where to begin. I was never one of those girly girls who imagined and daydreamed about how my wedding day would be, what I would wear etc… In fact I barely paid attention to boys in high school. I never did think that I was ready to commit to someone, still had a lot of growing up to do both spiritually and mentally. 

The ironic thing is, I met my husband in high school, though we did not know each other that well. He came for one of the prize giving days and I asked him for his number (not with any intensions lol) and we began talking once in a while. I would flash him (which meant hello those days on a student budget :-)) but he would actually call back and we would talk for hours without realizing the time passing. He was such great company. We became really close friends and that is where the feelings came from. One day we realized that we fell for each other somewhere along the way.

Things progressed and we started dating. We had so much fun together and complemented each other. He always challenges me to be better, is a leader and most importantly God comes first in his life. My mother was always telling me not to let go of him lol. We enjoyed dating and grew closer and closer, by the time we were getting married that was the next step in our relationship, saying goodbye every night was getting harder and harder. He was my best friend; I was looking forward to beginning our lives together. Getting married young was a bonus because we get more time together 🙂 , to grow old together. 

Marriage two years down the road has been such a blessing. Growing together and enjoying each other’s company. Learning new things about each other (that never stops I tell you) and evolving together has been an amazing journey, and I look forward to doing it for many more years to come.

One thing I shall say about getting married young is that one must really be grounded within themselves and always keep God as the head of your life and your relationship for a three stranded cord is not easily broken :-). You must accept your partner for who they are, and stop trying to change them subconsciously. Be there for one another and make an effort. Oh and enjoy the little things 🙂

Mrs. A

Don’t let life’s stereotypes dictate your love story, let the Author of your life write it and guide you accordingly.




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