Curve ball

Yo, sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned, whatever the plan looks like anyway. Sometimes it goes off-course and starts throwing curve balls in your face; you never really see them coming. The curve ball could be the loss of a loved one, heart break, sickness, loss of a job/opportunity, or betrayal etc.

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Change is the only constant. When you think you know how the script is going to unfold, out of the blues something appears and it throws a spanner, heck , the whole tool box into the mix. The result? Pain, confusion, anger, resentment…the list is endless.

I remember when my dad passed away my world came to a mini stand still. The days that followed were filled with raging emotions and disillusionment. Oh, did i mention questions? So many questions and emotions flooded my mind and heart. There were some good days and some plain old horrible days filled with heart wrenching sorrow. 

What I’ve learned from the curve balls is that at the end of the day God remains God. He doesn’t owe me anything…this is such a humbling but freeing truth. I am here by his grace. The world and all that is in it belongs to Him. He numbered my days before I were born. Nothing I do or say can change who He is. The circumstances may cloud my judgement and perspective of Him but they do not change who He is. He does not move from his throne…He remains sovereign.

No one is immune. Life is not a respecter of persons when it is dishing out the curve balls. If you are in it’s way, it just hits you where it hurts. In the midst of it all, it is important to remember that He remains God. He is too great to be defined by my circumstances or by what I lack or what I have. In the season of plenty and of lack He is God alone. He is God, in the midst of the joy and the pain.

May your circumstances not limit your perspective of Him or draw you away from Him. Instead may they draw you closer to Him. He is the comforter, the healer, the provider and the author and finisher of this life.

He is God.




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