The Good Wife

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the good wife is Alicia Florrick. Thanks CBS 🙂 . The title of this series was so intriguing only to realize the story line was a little different.

When you are getting married there are so many voices telling you how to be a good wife.

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What I have learned in the few years that I’ve been married is that ‘good’  is relative. To one man, a good wife wakes up, fetches water, warms his water and takes it to the bathroom. as he showers she irons his clothes and as he dresses, she makes his breakfast. For another man, his wife wakes up at 5:30 am to cook his lunch because he doesn’t eat food cooked by anyone else and he doesn’t eat food that has been in the fridge. For another man, a good wife brings in half the income to the table and they go dutch with the bills. The list is endless.

A few weeks ago I told my my husband, that my confidence does not lie in the fact that I married a ‘good man’. He is a sweetheart who treats me really well 🙂 . The truth is how ‘good’ a person is or isn’t will not keep them on track. Good is just so relative. It is not resolve, it is not incentive to run when the adulteress comes with her smooth words (Proverbs 7). It is just there. Instead, my peace comes from the fact  that I married a man who follows God and seeks Him and His ways. I see the power of the cross in his life. He is accountable to God before He is accountable to me.

The same applies for me, I have stopped being fixated on the ‘good wife’ label because sometimes she gets overwhelmed by life wakes up on the wrong side of the bed (sometimes even under it) and becomes a quarrelsome wife. Y’know what Proverbs says about her, aye? She is likened to constant dripping on a rainy day; a nuisance. I want to be a woman after Christ’s own heart first and a wife second. I’m accountable to God first before my husband. The fear of God is what will keep me on track ; the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.

My love for Him makes ALL the difference in my love for him.

I thank God for the beautiful journey that marriage is :).





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