I Can Transform Ya

“Living together is an art. It’s a patient art, it’s a beautiful art, it’s fascinating.” – Pope Francis

I love that quote.

Living together is a beautiful experience, sometimes it is easy while other times it is hard; adjusting to the changes can be a little difficult.  Being confined in the walls of your home tends to magnify the little problems and it can make the ant hills look like huge mountains with volcanoes waiting to erupt. No one is perfect and it is possible to think that you can change certain aspects of your spouse and even attempt to do it. However, this venture is usually followed by utter disappointment.

There are wives enter marriage with the notion that they have a special super power that they can engage to change what they dislike about their husbands. See the woman in the picture below 🙂 . Some opt to fight their spouses and repeat what they dislike over and over again hoping that the nagging will cause lasting change. Many times, this just makes the home a ‘battlefield’. The ammunition is the hurtful words exchanged.

courtesy of christianpost.com

courtesy of christianpost.com

I have learned to conserve my energy and fight my battles where it matters. Fighting my spouse adds very little value, so I get on my knees and pray. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I am doing much to help the situation at hand  but the reality is that some things are actually beyond my control. Even if i tried to change the situation, I would not be able to make a difference. So I leave the issue at the feet of the One who can do exceedingly abundantly above all I could ever think, ask or imagine. The One who sees more than meets the eye; the One who can change the hearts of men and women; the One who can truly intervene and restore what has been lost.

courtesy of zazzle.com

courtesy of zazzle.com

I’ve seen the Lord transform my home through prayer. Many times, He changes my heart and I begin to realize my heart was actually the problem and not my husband.

Don’t give up on God, cause He wont give up on you. He’s Able.

After all is said and done, it turns out that there actually is a special power. Prayer is the special super power 🙂 It yields results. They may not be the ones that you were hoping for, but they leave you in a better place than you were before.

The most amazing thing about prayer is that you don’t have to be emotionally connected to an issue to pray about it. If you’d like me to whisper a prayer on your behalf regarding family, marriage …etc feel free to drop me a line on bibi2bee@gmail.com and I will trust God with you. He’s able.




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