Daddy’s Little Girl

Little girls long to have a special relationship with their dads. Every girl longs to be affirmed, delighted in and loved on. She longs to be told that she is beautiful and worth being pursued (when the times comes). Being a dad is not a small thing, it is a destiny shaping job; one that may not get the applause that it deserves but one that the world cannot do too well without.


dads little girl

That’s the way I look at my relationship with God. Viewing God as my Father in Heaven has really transformed my relationship with Him. I think it’s gotten a lot easier to relate with him as a father since my dad passed away. I totally trust Him. My rationale used to be that if I could ask my dad for things and not walk in doubt that he would provide, then, why should I doubt God.

Matthew 7:11 (NIV)

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

As a result it is easier for me to trust God. I don’t always make long prayers, in fact most of my prayers would not qualify as ‘prayers’ to those who have a prescribed way of praying as they are too short or perhaps, too simple. I usually just speak to God, of course with the reverence that He deserves. Once I pray I simply trust that He is able to do it.

I walk in trust. I trust the ONE I know. He has been faithful. I know that He will always come through, He will always answer my prayer. It may not always be a ‘YES’, but His grace is sufficient for me to deal with the ‘No’ and ‘Wait’. Sometimes I kick and scream and throw a mini tantrum BUT in the end, I come around because I know that regardless of how hard the circumstances seem He is turning them around for me. I trust His love for me and His will for my life.

Having to rely on the heavenly Father to ‘fill’ the shoes of your earthly father and surpass that role (seeing as He is the ultimate Father) can be hard sometimes especially when you have a clear expectation of how an earthly father is supposed to love on you. This expectation however, may be a little warped. I’ve learned that though sometimes He may not physically hug me, He sticks closer than a brother or father, he wipes my tears and he cheers me on.

I’ve been able to see God’s display of love for me all around me. Sometimes He uses people, who are His hands and feet on earth, other times He just displays His love personally. For example, a beautiful sunset on my home, or the ocean as I watch the waves crash at my feet.  He gets me! He may not be a person(human being) that I see physically, but I feel His love physically and emotionally. My relationship with Him refreshes me, I can never leave his presence the same way that I came in.

The little children grasp something that is easy to lose on the way. As grown ups it is easy to get jaded by life and unmet expectations but He desires for us to long for him like little children, to be genuinely happy to hear from Him, learn from Him and spend time with him.

It’s interesting that little children don’t mind being thrown up in the air, once they know you, they don’t have trust issues. You try asking the same children as grown ups to do the trust fall at team building challenges, then, you will see what fear looks like. Its the same thing with God, as kids we are more ‘gullible and trusting’ but once we receive a few Nos and Waits along the way, trusting God becomes a task.

For those who are unable to look at God as an inviting Heavenly Father for one reason or another, may it be a bad relationship with your dad, the loss of your your dad, or being jaded by life; I pray that you will let yourself be vulnerable with the One who is able to heal and to restore. May your new chapter with the heavenly Father bring you peace and joy.

You are never too old to be DADDY’S’ LITTLE GIRL OR SON.

For the dads, may you encourage your lil’ ones to have a relationship with their Heavenly Father, He is the only one who can truly satisfy their need for fatherly love.

I will always be


courtesy of

He delights in me, and, I in Him




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