In the spirit of love.

Such a lovely read 🙂

Lagot p'Odwong

Until a few days ago, I was oblivious of a Ugandan guy called Richard Wagaba. However, he has got me and plenty more Ugandan girls smiling(in a good way!) Why? Because he wrote an incredibly moving tribute to the woman that holds his heart, the love of his life that we’ve all read and been enamored with.  I know I’m one of the mushiest, pillow-hearted people in the world and probably that’s why this struck a chord with me but it must be something worthwhile if my girlfriends think it’s amazing too.(Thank God for girlfriends. They showed me this article. 🙂 We like warm, heartfelt stories that make us laugh, cry and believe in humanity and love all at the same time)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Richard Wagaba’s book aptly titled “How to love a woman’s feet.” Prepare to get your heartstrings violently tagged at. ❤

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