Lessons From My Daughter (Pt 3)

Hello 🙂

It is so amazing how a little person can have such a big impact on a person. A year ago, I was trying to deal with the lethargy that came with the first trimester of pregnancy. I knew that my life would change once the little one landed into my arms; I just didn’t know how much.

Being a mummy has challenged me to be better, more so, to grow deeper; to live life actively and not passively.

* Keep Trying

Don’t give up just because you failed the first time. Keep trying, one day you may just surprise yourself and hit that milestone.

Miss K has been trying to figure out how to sit by herself for a couple of weeks, because sitting supported is too boring for her 😉 . Initially, she would just bob around trying to find her balance. As the days have gone by she has been gotten better at it and she is enjoying hitting the milestone.

*Bad seasons don’t last forever

My little girl is a ball of sunshine. Always laughing and smiling, she rarely cries. It was not always the case, gas and colic had given us a run for our sanity, literally . People would tell me that it would end, but I used to think to myself ‘if it will not end today or tomorrow I do not want to hear about it’. Thank God that rough season came to an end.

My takeout was that, regardless of the storm, the sun WILL shine (very brightly for that matter). It gets better, after a while. Be encouraged.

* Live. Love. Laugh

Pretty lady does not know about ‘tomorrow’ so she doesn’t procrastinate her joy, She lives each day to the full and brings 100% each day.

For a long time, I used to peg my joy on certain things happening or not happening. Now I have just purposed to enjoy each and every day. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. If it has enough worries of its own, it is also safe to say that it has enough joys of its own, so there is no need to carry forward today’s joy.

Let the ones around know that you love them. Don’t just say it but let it be your reality. From sloppy kisses to heartwarming smiles and hugs, I know that this little girl loves me.

Laughter is medicine for the soul. Through seeing K laugh I have realized that God does have a sense of humor. I mean, who teaches little babies how to laugh? We are made in His image, so that means He has a funny side. I look for the humor in everyday life, most times I join miss K in laughing, her laughter is contagious. There is already enough to frown about, so let’s find more to laugh about.

My biggest challenges come from my little person.

Here’s to trying again each and every day, not giving up, believing, living, loving and laughing.

ess smile

God bless you,



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