Life is constantly changing. As days go by, not only do things change but people too.

Change can be unnerving, confusing and scary to say the least. Sometimes you are super prepared for it, other times, it comes and knocks you off your feet. Once in a while it can take your breath away. In some rare occasions, it can knock the wind out of you and leave you feeling hopeless.

One of the mistakes that I have made several times over the last couple of years is dwelling on the confusion after the change of season. There are times that I have wished that I could just linger on in the season that just ended because it had been uncomfortably comfortable. Yes, I was uncomfortable, I desired something new; I was also comfortable in the predictability of the season.

I have learned that it’s not bad to dream and yearn for what has passed temporarily, what is bad is, focusing all your energy thinking about where you could be. When the seasons of life change the calling does too. Sooner rather than later it is important to figure out what the calling for the new season is.

These are my guidelines for getting the best out of any season:

*Identify the Season

Mourn the one that has passed if need be. Embrace the one that you are in and set out to learn the lessons that it holds.

*Heed the Call

God speaks, if we are willing to listen, we will hear Him . His purpose for us as individuals is very specific. It is important to understand what He desires of us and then work from there.

The last couple of weeks, I have had a burden for stay-at-home mums, who wonder if they are doing enough. Here is a reminder that you are:-


Continue heeding the call that you received. Remember there is no better place you can be than right where God needs you to be. You may not receive a monetary reward, but allow yourself to see your worth as much more than money can buy. When the new season comes, give it your all, but don’t sit by the door anticipating the next season just yet. Enjoy the one you are in and let the Lord minister to you and renew your spirit.

Sometimes I dwell on the past and eagerly anticipate the future. However I am slowly learning that I should enjoy the boundary lines that God has place me in for a time such as this.






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