Of Calloused Soles and Hearts

Happy new month (:

Every time I think about feet, King Julien comes to mind 🙂



I am a lot like King Julien, I do not like my feet being touched. ”That’s a little strange” I hear you say? Well, if anything, my favourite part of a pedicure is when my toe nails are being painted. I could go back week after week to have the color changed. Yes! we are all different 🙂 What is relaxing for one may be irritating for another. Lord knows I endure the earlier parts of the pedicure. I wince and laugh (very awkwardly for that matter) when my feet are being scrubbed. However, as much as I dread these parts, I don’t quite like the idea of half pedicures. It’s all or nothing for me.

Feet are supposed to be soft and subtle, nails trimmed, especially if you plan on running them along your spouse or beddings.There is nothing cute about calloused feet. NOTHING! In fact, there is a problem when they feel like sand paper. Nobody wants sand paper in their beds, let’s leave that for the carpenters. When there are sound effects when you move your feet in bed there is a small problem. Your sheets may begin to protest, when you tear them. When your feet reach this level, they need help.

The good news is, if you are like me and dislike intense pedicures, there are ways to avoid calloused soles and feet:-

*Soak feet often to soften dead skin.

*Exfoliate the feet with a pumice stone weekly.

*Keep the feet moisturised, applying a moisturizing cream before bed can be very helpful.

*Wear thick socks when wearing shoes.

Tips courtesy of http://www.wikihow.com

I am currently enjoying the blue nail polish on my feet 🙂 Golden Rose has done me well. The cold in the city is encouraging me to get a pedicure, there’s no room for rough edges when asking for heart.


That’s my nickname for a heart beauty treatment 🙂

The same way there is no room for sand paper like feet in marriage is the same way there is no room for a calloused heart.

Hearts are meant to be soft to be able to feel. However, when neglected they become hard and rough. Before you know it, they are no longer responsive to the little things anymore. Eventually, they start causing destruction.

When lyrics like “there’s an ice box where my heart used to be” describe you aptly, there is a problem.

Once you’ve become desensitized you slowly lose the ability to feel as you used to. What would previously raise red flags becomes the norm. It only gets darker, colder and lonelier from there.

Once or twice I have found myself in this difficult position, where my heart was as hard as a rock. The things that used to make it beat and skip with joy were such a bore. I was not able to be patient or to love coz I couldn’t give what I didn’t have. I was empty; hollow; depressed. As my heart grew hard and calloused, my light grew dim. The fear of the Lord became a thing of the past. I was numb to the things of God. I was out to prove a point, hearts and feelings were for losers. Also, who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?

If you want to see someone waste away (lose purpose) extremely fast, attack their heart.


It is never just a callousness of heart, it is more than that, it becomes a way of life.

Calloused hearts are not bold and beautiful. Instead they are rough and they cause destruction.

I put together a small list of ways to prevent a calloused heart.

*Soak in the presence of the Lord

*Allow His word to scrape off what needs to go as it pierces through.bone and marrow and show you His truth

*Accept correction on the go. Don’t wait for the heart to become very callousd before reaching out for help.

*Know His word and His promises. Claim them daily.

*Listen to His spirit and obey it. Keep the teachable spirit alive.

I’ve taken many shortcuts before. The reason is foolish and simple, I wanted to enjoy the beauty without the ashes, the harvest without the planting.

The same way I can’t wish away calloused feet is the same way I can’t wish away a calloused heart. I need to report for my beauty treatment daily and let God have his way.

We live in a cold cold world, we need all the warmth and light we can get. Surrender to the King and let Him use your heart and life for His glory.

Time to get my feet and heart in check. #Team NoSandPaper.

I’ll leave you with one more picture of King Julien. Remember, at the end of the day you are responsible for the status of your sole and heart :).





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