The Big Q : Are You Available?

The past one week has been super intense for me. It’s been a life changing experiences. I remember waking up last Monday, confused; not sure how my day would go. I was tired of making plans that weren’t falling into place. Lord knows I hate feeling disappointed. As I lay in bed, I asked the Holy Spirit to go ahead of me and order my steps. Boy am I glad I did. God took over. I was simply in awe. He sent a friend to spend time with me, we sat for hours, when she left I was sure I had received a hug from above. I had so much peace.


The days that followed, I kept asking the Lord to order my steps and He has blown me away. I am privileged to have a friend in Him.


I have testimonies of the Lord’s faithfulness. Wow!!! It is an honour to have my steps directed by the living God.


As the days have gone by I have sensed Him asking me ”Are you available?” You see, the world is longing to see the sons and daughters of God revealed. The world is waiting to see God’s children respond obediently to His commands. He desires to know if we are available to serve Him.

This video really challenged me.

When we obey the Lord, people’s lives are changed. The lady at the end of the video had me in tears. I remembered the times that I have cried to the Lord and He has sent someone to be His hands and feet.

So here I am, humbled by His love. Responding to His call daily and saying, ‘YES, I am available!’ There is a fire within me that the Lord has placed, May it burn for His glory.


Are you available?

Will you partner with the Holy Spirit?





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