Staying afloat in the deep

I’m currently reading ‘The Confident Woman’ by Joyce Meyer. It is such a fantastic read, a life changing book. I know I’ll refer to it a couple of times in the next couple of days.


The myriad of emotions elicited upon the realization of God’s plans for my life can be paralyzing. Many are the times I have felt as though I am in WAY over my head.

In the midst of the panic and mixed emotions, I have realized, it is really foolish to panic as God leads me into the deep. Even in the shallow end, He was still the one anchoring me.


I am quickly learning that He is God of the whole pool; both the deep and shallow end. I wouldn’t be standing in the shallow end without Him. I am God sufficient.

”Ofcourse, life can sometimes make us feel like we’re in over our heads, but the reality is that, without God, we’re always in over our heads.

For example, a little three-year-old girl felt secure in her father’s arms as Dad stood in the middle of a swimming  pool. But Dad, for fun, began walking slowly toward the deep end, gently chanting, ‘Deeper and deeper and deeper’, as the water rose higher and higher on child. The girl’s face registered increasing degrees of panic, as she held all the more tights to her father, who of course, easily touched the bottom. Had the little girl been able to analyse her situation, she’d have realized there was no reason for her increasing fear. The water’s depth in ANY part of the pool was over her head. For her, safety anywhere.In that pool depended on her Dad.

At various points in our lives, all of us feel we’re getting ‘out of our depth’ or ‘in over our heads’. There are problems all around: a job is lost, someone dies, there is strife in the family, or a bad report comes from the doctor. When these things happen, out temptation is to panic, because we feel we’ve lost control. But think about it – just like the child in the pool, the truth is we’ve never been in control when it comes to life’s most crucial elements. We’ve always been held up by the Grace  of God, our Father, and that won’t change. God is never out of His depth, and therefore w as safe when we’re in life’s ‘deep end’ as we were in the paddling pool.” (Meyer,2007,12)

What are you panicking about? Where is God calling you deeper? Are you heeding the call or hiding?


He is God either way, all the way. May you be reminded of His omnipresence, unfailing love and never ending Grace as He leads you deeper and deeper.



Meyer, J (2007).The Confident Woman. London:Hodder & Stroughton


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