Give me Jesus – Day 11

Yesterday as we went out for our drive, we saw an elderly lady selling some toys a few kilometers from our house. Hubby said we should promote her, and I said, ‘’yes, let’s get her attention and pull over to the side of the road.”

As he opened the window, I told him to buy something from her and to tell her that Jesus loves her. As she showed him the toys, and we let Miss K choose one she likes, he told her that I asked him to tell her that Jesus loves her. She responded a bit taken a back but said that she loves Him too.

Jesus love you

After we gave her that which we had decided, she looked at us and said ”thank you for that reminder. I walk around the whole day and there is no one to remind me that Jesus loves me.” She walked away with more than just a few extra shillings in her pocket; she walked away happy, her heart filled with hope.

I was balancing tears as we drove off. I knew that above promoting her business, we had given her what she needed most, hope in Jesus.


As I look at this toy, I will always remember that Jesus loves me and that He desires for me to be an ambassador of Christ. To tell the world of His love; there are people who are desperate for a reminder of His love. People are low on hope. I need to be His hands and feet and share the love.

As Miss K grows older and begins to understand more, I will remind her this story. That she too may go forth and tell people of the love of Christ. That she may refresh others.

Jesus loves you, fiercely and deeply. Be encouraged, that even in difficult circumstances, you are not forgotten. May He fill your heart with what no money can buy, His peace and joy.

Who can you remind of Jesus’ love today?

The prayer for the day is:

Dear God,

I thank you for Your Son Jesus Christ. I thank You that He came and died on the cross for my sins. Indeed You tore the veil and made a way for me to enter Your presence as You displayed Your great love for me.

Sometimes I allow the things of this world to veil my eyes and I am unable to see your love for me. Thank You for this reminder. Your love is truly extravagant.

Show me who I can encourage in you today. Use me to spread the good news and remind people that they are loved. I am available to remind them that You sent Your only son so that they could have life in abundance. May they experience Your great love and walk in the way everlasting.

I love and adore you. There is none like You.

In Jesus Christ name I pray and believe,


The song of the day is:

May you be refreshed as you refresh others today.



P.S if you would like me to stand with you in prayer, you can send me an email on


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