God Understands You : Day 15

There are times that I have felt as though I am not fully understood by others. Though they may sympathize, they do not come from a place of experience. Their desire to encourage me may be noble, but they are limited. As a result, I measure what I say according to what I feel they can understand.


This has been a lovely reminder, God understands me, not in the cliche sense of the word and world, but He really does. He has felt what I feel and His comfort comes from a place of much more than empathy, it comes from experience. Even though sometimes He seems far away, He is as close they get. He sees what I struggle to articulate. I don’t have to put up face with Him, He longs to see my heart and heal it.

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What have you been feeling like the world cannot understand?

What is the unspoken cry of your heart?

Try Jesus. Receive His mercy and find His grace. Allow Him to love on you.

Dear God,

I am so humbled that you love me like You do. Thank you for sending Your Son to come to die for my sins. What a privilege it is to know that He feels my pain, that He actually knows and understands my myriad of emotions.

Jesus please forgive me for the times that I have ignored You and rejected Your offer for help. Yet You know what I need, You are what I need. Your love and comfort are exactly what I need.

Help me to run to you, in your arms I am safe. I desire to confide in You and let You in to the deepest part of my heart where the pain and raw emotions reside.

Be exalted in my life. My soul longs for you.

In Jesus name I pray and believe,


The song of the day:

Jesus desires to comfort you. His mercy and grace await thee. Run into His arms and let Him embrace you and soothe you with His loving words.



P.S if you would like me to stand with you in prayer, send me an email on ess@bibi2be@gmail.com


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