Show Me The Way I Should Go : Day 21

There are so many days that I wake up and go about my morning on autopilot. I warm up into the day.

Today morning was no different, I was woken up by Miss K, saying ‘eethat’ ‘dadaaa’, which is her version of sweetheart and daddy. I picked her up, we prayed and went about our day. After breakfast, I settled down; when I opened my bible this is the first verse I read.

Jeremiah 42

I was reminded that I need to be more prayerful everyday for direction on where I should go and what I should do. Autopilot may seem to work but I may miss out on the assignment and blessings the Lord has prepared for me.

My desire this week is to seek God even before I do the mundane and trivial things.

The prayer of the day:

Dear God,

I humble myself before you and acknowledge that I do not know everything. Just because something worked yesterday, does not mean that it will work today.

This week I pray that you will show me what to do and where to go. Order my steps, deposit in my heart the words that you need me to speak. May my heart be sensitive to your Spirit.

I long to make you smile. May my life song sing to you, for the praise and glory of your name.

In Jesus name I pray,


The song of the day:



P.S if you would like me stand with you in prayer, send me an email on


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