Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder

One of the humbling things about motherhood is getting to see the world from a fresh perspective; through a babies eyes. It is possible to think that you know it all, because you have been alive much longer, but, a baby’s perspective has a way of shedding new light on the simple mundane things.

Miss K wants to take in every moment, savor it and then draw a conclusion. She is constantly awed by new things, she points up and says ‘this’ or ‘that’. Some new things are scary, like her father’s motorbike, and some are extremely exciting like the bouncing castle she played on this past weekend.


She enjoys the feeling of the sand on her little toes; watching Palm tree branches sway to the tempo of the breeze; watching the waves ebb and flow; playing with the shadows caused by sun in the afternoon.


Social media and gadgets have not stolen her sense of wonder from the present moment.

Do you often get cross eyed from catching up with your news feed that you fail to notice the beautiful music playing in the background?


The magic and miracles lie in the simple moments. Have you been feeling like God isn’t moving? Like the miracles, signs and wonders are a thing of the past? Have you gotten so used God’s blessings that you don’t even recognize them as things to be thankful for anymore?


Pause and enjoy the moment, savor the tastes , enjoy the sounds, colors and textures.


Above all, stand in awe of the One who made it all. He is the one who deserves all the glory and the praise.




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