Being With God In A Deliberate Way


SOME people WANT it to happen, some WISH it could happen, OTHERS MAKE it happen.

My walk with God over the years has taught me that closeness with God does not just happen. It is a deliberate decision to follow Him and seek Him. This decision is made daily. When I don’t make the decision daily, I feel as though He has moved, yet it is quite the opposite. I am the one who has moved.

A couple of months ago I shared about God being the first thing on our minds and last thing on our minds at the tail end of the day. My husband models to me what it means to be deliberate about spending time with God. After he read the post, he changed how he does his quiet time, so that in the evening before he sleeps he finishes up on his daily readings.  His discipline as he seeks the Lord is admirable. Seeking God is a crucial part of his day and he is very intentional about it.


My walk with God is not limited to the time that I sit and read my bible. God longs for me to invite Him into every aspect of my life, the grande and mundane. My prayer the last couple of days has been that as I am a wife to Mr K, a mum to Miss K, that His presence would be so tangible; that I would hear Him and experience Him. I am cognizant of the fact that they are my first ministry. I need Him to live the way that I was created to.

A couple of days ago I asked the Lord to speak to me as I cooked. My kitchen literally transformed in to a sanctuary. From pots and pans to unrestricted worship. God’s presence was tangible. It lifted me and encouraged me. God loved on me in a special way. Days later I was still telling my husband that I felt God’s love as if it was tangible. Not because of any material thing He had done, but because HE IS GOD. He is my father and I am His daughter. I am still smiling from the inside as I reflect on this encounter. In my folly, there are times I have reduced God’s love to the sensation after I experience God’s hand. Yet, God’s love for me was overflowing before I was born, and He made a public declaration at calvary.

This song was the declaration of my heart in my kitchen turned sanctuary.

As I worshiped, my daughter looked intently and sung along. I desire to teach her that God is in her heart and He is not restricted to a building once a week. Above all, my prayer is that she will experience God, that He will speak His love and promises to her heart. That she may know Him in a personal and intimate way. After all we were created to worship Him. The more we get to know Him, we can worship Him more accurately.

Have you been intentional about inviting God into your work and home space?

In Him, we live , move and have our being Acts 17:28a. We were created to live in His presence, there is no life apart from Him.




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