Lil Missy Is Watching

It’s been a while since I last watched Big Brother Africa.  What I remember though is, very little fails to catch Biggie’s attention.

Big brothr

Miss K reminds me of Big Brother sometimes. She is constantly watching what we do and listening to what we say. She is so keen to see how we do certain things. You don’t realize just how much she is taking in until you see her in action. Yesterday, she cooked for me an imaginary meal in a real pot. God forbid I refused to eat it, she would have let me know in no uncertain terms that it is rude to decline a meal made with love.

She is learning how to repeat and mimic in real-time.  When you show her a video of herself, she does what she sees. Play dates are more interesting now, because she picks up so much from the other babies.

It’s a blessing to see her grow. I am reminded that she learns more from what she sees me do rather than what I say.

Titus 2-7-8

There are always people watching us. My prayer is that our deeds will complement out teachings.




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