I Stood Him Up

I absolutely love, love stories ❤

The intensity of the journey intrigues me. Everything from when the two were strangers, to how they became acquaintances, then friends, close friends and finally lovers, is special.


One of the aspects of my marriage that I really enjoy is going on dates with hubby. I savor these times together. We talk, love, laugh, dream…There is no doubt that we enjoy ourselves. Over the years, I have also learned to enjoy our silent dates. They have been some of the best quiet times I’ve had. I’m not intimidated by the silence anymore (this has taken some time), I relish the opportunity to be together.

Writing this makes me want to go on a date, it has me all giddy on the inside 🙂

One of the things that my husband, Peter,  has taught me is that dates should be fun. To my knowledge, I’ve never stood him up. Dates are always looked forward to; even the ones that have meant sacrificing my sleep or time.


Two weeks ago, the Lord invited me to spend time with Him at 3am. It sounded quite exciting at the time. But, I stood Him up. To be more precise, I slept. At 3am, I woke up and decided to continue sleeping. I was not intentional about meeting. Sleep is not a bad thing, but there is a time for everything. There is a soul refreshment that sleep can not give. Only time spent with the King can give you that.

I was so convicted. I blew off an opportunity to spend time with the Lord. He had prepared for me, to speak to me, love on me, but I came up with excuses and opted to sleep. I heard the call, and responded, ”But God…”. I made a list of excuses.

time with God

The following morning I woke up, knowing that I had messed up. I had missed out. Yes, I was more physically rested, but my inner {wo}man, {s}he needed to drink from the fount that never goes dry. To fellowship with the Lord, see things through His perspective. To be with the Lord, hear Him, walk with Him, talk to Him, love on Him and be loved by Him.

Time with God is life changing. My heart breaks as I think about all the times that I have stood Him up and opted to engage the world instead. For the times that I have chosen the things and pleasures of this world at His expense. My heart breaks.

This is my prayer. This year and beyond, I want to get closer to God, there is such an urgency in my heart. I want to know His heart. I pray that in the third hour, and every other hour, this need will overpower my desire to sleep. That the longing of my soul will order my body to get up and commune with the Lord.

time wit God

I need to go a little closer and be pulled a little deeper. His love is so much sweeter than anything I’ve tasted. I want to, no, I need to know His heart. I need to be closer, more than I need anything else in this world. I need to be closer.

Can you hear the Lord calling you to go closer? Are you standing Him up?




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