Don’t Touch The Feet


It means constant adapting, and thinking on your feet. I say this and we have not yet reached the stage of asking ‘Mum, why?’ Yo! Lord have mercy in advance and give me the age appropriate answers when the time comes.

A few days ago, Ksena got a dish cloth and came to clean my feet with the biggest grin she could master. In my shock I said that we don’t clean people’s feet. Then the Lord asked me, ”Oh, we don’t?” Before I could respond, it hit me that we are followers of a feet-cleaning, sin-cleansing Saviour.  We DO clean people’s feet.


I quickly told her that in fact we DO clean feet; poor girl must wonder if I make up these rules when I feel like it. I explained to her that Jesus cleaned his disciples’ feet and told her that a dish cloth is not the right cloth for the job, and redirected her to another one.

Servant leadership, it’s taught from a tender age. Before life and it’s prejudices come and make our hearts their home.

I’m challenged time and time again that the Bible is the perfect manual for raising children. Yes, there are other helpful books but the more I read the word of God, the more I realize that the examples are still so practical, timely and necessary.


I could use a pedicure but I will take my feet being gently wiped by miss K as the pampering for the day. Lord knows I need it.

More and more I understand why the Lord said that unless we are converted and become like the little children we will not enter into the Kingdom of heaven. There is something so precious about the heart’s of these little ones.




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