Motherhood Taught Me To Pray At All Times.

Pray at all times.



I didn’t how possible this was, until I had a baby.

After I delivered Ksena, I realized that even the mundane things that I had taken for granted in my life, needed to be prayed about.

I highly doubt that I had pleaded the heavens for a burp or bowel movement in a baby’s body like I did in those first few months. Then came sleep deficit, Oh! My life is a testimony that there is a God. If anyone had asked me if I could survive without a full night of sleep, I’d have said NO! But, God and my body proved me wrong. I survive, some days I thrive, others I glide through on autopilot and it’s okay.

I have petitioned the heavens for a full night of sleep, some seasons have been better than others. In a particular one, I realized that her sleep interruption was to wake me up to pray. Now, who would have thought? After I moved away from being slightly irritated that she still won’t sleep through the night, I begun to hear the Lord at the silent hour of the night.

This veteran sleeper, really fought this lesson. But I’ve reached the place where I allow the Lord to give me deeper insight in the midst of the inconvenience of life’s circumstances. Some days I wake up in a rotten mood, that I quickly take to the cross for exchange.


I’ve been anxious and scared the last couple of months but I’ve also experienced indescribable peace the past few months.

Life has its challenges, even as I write this, we are in a season where eating has not been our favourite activity. But it’s just that, a season, it will end (Dear Lord, I pray the end is nigh.) Some days I have balancing tears, others I thank God for the cup of yoghurt that she finished.

I’ve prayed, I’ve tasted and seen that the Lord is good. Nothing is too difficult for Him and He cares about all of my needs. What a mighty, gentle and awesome God we serve.


In the ups and the downs of life, I pray that you will find the Lord’s presence as inviting. He longs to love on you and encourage you. When you are weak, He is strong.  He has all that you need.




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