Knowing When To Let Go And When To Hold On

The one who calls me mummy turned two a few days ago.

Wow, My baby is two!!!!

What a journey it has been. I’m so grateful for all the days, the blissful one and the downright difficult ones. They make up the cocktail of life. In retrospect, the good days have been more, much more, than the days that tested and tried every fibre within me. I wouldn’t trade the journey for anything.

I’m constantly blown away when I think about just how far we’ve come. We have little conversations nowadays that leave me a little stunned and remind me that growth happens even when we aren’t really paying attention.

We started swimming about a year ago, and she has flourished. I’m so amazed. The truth is that soon she won’t need me to be close by, and she knows it. Her favourite thing is to swim under water without me holding her so she literally removes my hands from her waist as she swims. The first couple of times I was not amused but over the last couple of weeks, I’ve realized that I need to let go, and I need to know when to hold on.

Quite often, I gauge her abilities based on my experiences, but we are two different individuals. She is fearless. I pray that my different little scripts and biases (that are currently being dealt with) will not hold her back from being all that she was created to be. She enjoys jumping into the pool, soon we’ll be talking about diving 😉 The first time she did it, I held my breath and was ready to yank her out of the water, until I saw her emerge with a huge smile on her face. She knew that I would be right there when she got out.


Here I am, learning a balancing act, in all areas of my life. Praying for the grace to know when to hold on and when to let go. In a few months, she will start school, I have a feeling that will be a whole series on it’s own. But I know to whom she belongs, she is literally just on loan to us. Oh that we may be good stewards for His glory.

I’ve been challenged by Ksena to let go a little more, trust what I have learned, jump of the cliff (in her case: edge of the pool) and do it all with a smile. When I need to psyche myself up, I do what Ksena would do, sing: “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall” then I take the leap of faith knowing that God will be right there to catch me.

Here’s to leaps of faith and growth in the journey.





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