The Story That Never Grows Old

For the last one month, we have been reading the crucifixion story about five out seven days a week. Sometimes I want to read other stories, like Gideon and his three hundred me. But, Ksena won’t have it. She wants ‘Jesus on the cross’. Sometimes she is nice and lets you read the story you want, and then politely reminds you that she would still like Jesus on the cross.

After reading the story over twenty times, and asking the Lord for new revelation, it was getting kind of old. I mean, we are not even transitioning to the Resurrection, we have been at the cross for one month. One month. Attempts to transition us have been futile. In fact yesterday, Ksena asked me ‘Where is Mary as Jesus is hanging on the cross?’. It looks like there is a lot more to unpack from the two pages. There’s a lot more that I can allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to me.

Yesterday, I read a quote that rebuked me.



Have I become so familiar with the cross that I am complacent? In the sense that I am not constantly keeping my eyes at the cross, and leaving my burdens at its base.

Tonight I’m going to read the story of the cross again, this time, as I ask the Lord to always be the center. As I read, my prayer is that I will not be distracted by the things, pressures and pleasures of this world. That I will always remember that I was bought at a price, for the glory and honor of the King.

I’m humbled that the Lord has used this story that Ksena can’t get enough of, to remind me that my mind, heart and being must remain stayed on Him.

Which story are you currently reading? What is the Lord currently teaching you?