Echoes, Colors and Freedom

It’s quite fascinating to watch toddlers grow. Their curiosity and eagerness to learn is beautiful to watch. They question and seek to understand the grande and mundane. Everything is fascinating, the grandeur of an old tree and the way crabs walk in the sand. I am enjoying this stage of questions, because it also forces me to think about why I believe what I believe about certain things. As I teach and answer, I try not to pass on any biases I may have picked up along the way, as they are not the truth.


Miss K’s fascination for the last couple of months has been echoes. She can now recognize acoustics, and every time we enter a room or stairwell that reflects sound, she shouts “ECHO!” and waits to hear “echo echo echo” fade in the background. It’s a cheap thrill, the look of glee tells you that happiness is an inside job.

I’ve had a series of difficult days of the past couple of weeks, where I’ve felt like I was drowning or in an empty room. In the height of those days, I’d find her shouting ‘ECHO!’ in my bathroom and wonder why? Why echoes make her so happy. The truth is that echoes didn’t fascinate me as much as they do Ksena until the day I had a little revelation.

In audio signal processing and acoustics, echo is a reflection of sound that arrives at the listener with a delay after the direct sound. The delay is proportional to the distance of the reflecting surface from the source and the listener. Typical examples are the echo produced by the bottom of a well, by a building, or by the walls of an enclosed room and an empty room. A true echo is a single reflection of the sound source. This is the definition from  Wikipedia.

The distance to the source matters. Even in the dark and empty spaces, it is important for God to remain my source. It’s crucial that I remain close to Him, so that His word and truth may echo in my heart and mind.

From that day, I begun to pray that as I draw close to God, His truth and love will echo in every empty place I find myself in. That it will bounce off every wall of my being.

I have seen God bring color into the room, He has brought color into my life, wiped away the dullness and darkness. As His truth has reflected off surfaces, it has made a home in my heart. This song has blessed me in this season.

If you are in a dark space or you feel like you are drowning in a well, I pray that the Lord’s truth and promises will echo endlessly until your heart, mind and your whole being believes Him. I pray that God will walk into the room and bring new color into your life and wipe away the dullness.


May His truth set you free. Free to rise up above everything that has held you down and free to be all that He created you to be.




Lessons From My Daughter (Pt 5)

Babies! They come into this world, extremely dependent, and before you know it they are all grown up; little ‘independent’ people. The little girl we brought home from the hospital in September last year is growing. Soon she won’t want to be held as much. Sigh. Time flies. This is a reminder to cherish every season.

This season, she has taught me such valuable timely lessons that have challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and BE.

1) Set a Goal, then Go Get It


Miss K is now mobile! We now have to be more alert; she is no longer the baby that you leave at one place and expect to find there. Now, she is all over the place, rolling, crawling, moving on her stomach (breast stroke on dry land 🙂 ). Her resolve amazes me, if she wants it she must go get it. It is a good and a bad thing; sometimes she wants things that she shouldn’t have and you have to explain to her why she can’t have it as you take it away. Baby proofing at this rate will be done as we lie on our bellies.

She has challenged me to set a goal and pursue it. Even when the odds seem like they are working against me I should take a step closer. When the energy to run is sapped, I should crawl, when I can’t crawl any more, I should roll. Whatever I do, I should never give up.

2) Stay Curious

There is never a dull day in Miss K’s life. She eats life with a big HUGE spoon.

She is constantly looking for something that can make her happy. A new thing equals a new opportunity for her. It may be something as mundane as tupperware but to her it’s the best new toy. Seemingly boring things to us are so exciting to her.

She has taught me to stay curious. There is an adventure waiting for me in my everyday life, if only I would change my perspective and look around.


3) Hold On to the One you trust

When Miss K feels scared she holds on to you tight, because she trusts you.

A couple of weeks ago I had a bout of anxiety coupled with fear out of the blue. I couldn’t sleep; it went on for three days and I was troubled. On the third day Miss K met someone new who wanted to carry her, she was scared and held on to her daddy tight.

It reminded me that when I am afraid I should hold on to the One I trust.


That evening, I prayed about the anxiety and asked for peace. God is so faithful, I’ve not had another bout of anxiety. His peace has been guarding my heart and mind since.

Philippians 4: 6-7 (NLT)

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

May you experience His peace that exceeds anything that you understand this week.

Two toothed smiles from the pretty lady.