From The Mouth of Babes, God Speaks!

As I write this, I am hiding from the girls. I love them to bits, but today I am taking a small break, to write and also miss THE hour. You know, the hour when they fight sleep and end up being a little feisty.

About two weeks ago, I had one of those days when I was weary. I had given all that I had and was ready for bed but the babies had extra energy. I whispered to heaven, “Lord, does heaven deliver chocolate cake and hugs?”. Then I heard nothing. I’m not too sure what I was expecting to hear though. Though a direct delivery would have been heavenly, see what I did there? 🙂

There was no time to sit and sulk. The evening routine had to be done. The girls don’t care about my internal atmosphere, they just want mummy, to read them their bible and pray with them before bed. Speaking of bible reading, Ksena’s current favorite story is Jesus on the cross. She asks for it each and every day.  Initially I struggled with how to answer all her questions. I was not exactly sure how to simplify death and resurrection or how much her two year old mind would understand. But, I decided to tell her the truth, biblical truth and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. Mine is to sow seeds and pray that it lands on good soil, and the Lord, the gardener, will water the seeds and that they will grow. In this season, I have been increasingly grateful for the Holy Spirit. John 14 and 16 are dear to me.

ps 119-11

Look at me digress 🙂 That evening, after we’d read the story of Jesus on the cross, Ksena started singing. Mummy, “Hear Christ calling, ‘Come unto me, and I will give you rest.’ ” She sang it over and over again, and it got my attention. I heard loud and clear that the rest that my weary and somewhat empty soul needed was in God. I slept smiling that night. Exhausted but at peace.

I currently cannot get enough of this song. It is my prayer.

Acts 3 comes to mind and it reminds me that when the Spirit comes, you overflow. You cannot remain the same.

Eternity is but a heartbeat away ~ Cornelius Lindsey.

We were created to worship God. It won’t start when we die, it will be a continuation of what we have been doing here on earth. My prayer is that my life song, our life songs will be acceptable to Him.





Jesus Wore Shoes :) It’s A Life Changing Truth

Yesterday, I took Ksena horse riding. Well, those toy horses are the closest she’s been to a horse , a toy carousel doesn’t really count. Horses fascinate her. In fact one of her favourite nursery rhymes is ‘Horsey Horsey’. I’m not sure where to find real one here at the Coast.


After her bath, we read the Easter story. This particular book, had a picture of Jesus riding on a donkey on the first page. When she saw it,  she exclaimed that “Jesus is riding a horsey!!!” I explained that a donkey is a cousin of a horse and it brays, it makes the sound hee-haw (we need to keep the explanations simple. She is only 20 months old.)

When we turned to the next page, she saw Jesus feet adorned with sandals and she was so mesmerized. Even more excited, she exclaimed, “Mama, Jesus is wearing shoes!!” This went on for several minutes.


I was reminded that Jesus walked in our shoes and there is something about Him that we can relate to in each season of our lives. For Ksena, the fact that He wears shoes and rides a has communicated a deep truth to her. Jesus is her friend. He is not foreign, He is like her; but greater. This truth has sparked a hunger within her to know Jesus more, to identify more with Him, to be more like Him. Glory be to God.

I’m so humbled that Jesus wore shoes. That Ksena has been used to remind me the person of Jesus. Oh that I may seek Him for who He is. That I may continuously trust Him with my desires and plans.

I pray that the simple truths will draw you closer to Him. He is God. That you may have childlike faith in all seasons of your life.