From The Mouth of Babes, God Speaks!

As I write this, I am hiding from the girls. I love them to bits, but today I am taking a small break, to write and also miss THE hour. You know, the hour when they fight sleep and end up being a little feisty.

About two weeks ago, I had one of those days when I was weary. I had given all that I had and was ready for bed but the babies had extra energy. I whispered to heaven, “Lord, does heaven deliver chocolate cake and hugs?”. Then I heard nothing. I’m not too sure what I was expecting to hear though. Though a direct delivery would have been heavenly, see what I did there? 🙂

There was no time to sit and sulk. The evening routine had to be done. The girls don’t care about my internal atmosphere, they just want mummy, to read them their bible and pray with them before bed. Speaking of bible reading, Ksena’s current favorite story is Jesus on the cross. She asks for it each and every day.  Initially I struggled with how to answer all her questions. I was not exactly sure how to simplify death and resurrection or how much her two year old mind would understand. But, I decided to tell her the truth, biblical truth and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. Mine is to sow seeds and pray that it lands on good soil, and the Lord, the gardener, will water the seeds and that they will grow. In this season, I have been increasingly grateful for the Holy Spirit. John 14 and 16 are dear to me.

ps 119-11

Look at me digress 🙂 That evening, after we’d read the story of Jesus on the cross, Ksena started singing. Mummy, “Hear Christ calling, ‘Come unto me, and I will give you rest.’ ” She sang it over and over again, and it got my attention. I heard loud and clear that the rest that my weary and somewhat empty soul needed was in God. I slept smiling that night. Exhausted but at peace.

I currently cannot get enough of this song. It is my prayer.

Acts 3 comes to mind and it reminds me that when the Spirit comes, you overflow. You cannot remain the same.

Eternity is but a heartbeat away ~ Cornelius Lindsey.

We were created to worship God. It won’t start when we die, it will be a continuation of what we have been doing here on earth. My prayer is that my life song, our life songs will be acceptable to Him.





Are You Preparing Your Child For Eternity?

A couple of months ago, I read a post online that revolutionized my parenting.

The post posed a basic question:

‘Are you preparing your child for eternity?’

The reality is that, though we would all love our children to live until they are grey, some children pass away at a tender age. The length of their days is not ours to dictate.

Though we would like to guide our children till they are grey, our longevity is not in our hands. God has determined the length of our days. Oh, that we would learn to number our days.

Death is inevitable. It is a matter of ‘when’.

Sometimes we get so sucked up by life on this earth that we forget it is just but a corridor and not the destination. Though it’s length may differ from individual to individual, it will surely come to an end. How we live here, determines what happens on the other side.

A crucial part of our job description as parents is to prepare our children for eternity. However, it is difficult to teach what we do not know and believe.

Do you believe that Christ is coming back?

Does this belief influence your daily life?

Do your children see this influence?

i beleive

This has been such a conviction for me. I discussed these thoughts with a friend of mine recently and she told me that though she knew her mum to be a staunch Christian in theory, she never once received an invitation to know this God personally. She never even saw her mum read her bible. This salvation was never shared; it was like a badge to be displayed but not to be touched. You had to believe that God is good because she said so. As my friend has grown older, she has struggled to relate with the Holy Spirit because He seems so foreign.

holy spirit

Below are a few tips that I have gathered the last couple of months to help one prepare their children for eternity.

  • Show your children that it is important to prepare for eternity

If you believe that preparation for eternity is crucial, invite your children see you prepare. Let them see you doing your quiet time so that they can become familiar with the concept.

  • Teach them about God and eternity

Study the Word of God with them. Introduce family devotion time. Pray with them and give them an opportunity to pray.

As you teach them, allow them to question; it’s not about believing because you said so! Allow them to experience the Holy Spirit. He is able to open up their hearts and minds to heavenly treasures and realities.

Spend time in the Word and ask the Holy Spirit to teach and equip you to be a prepared witness at all times.

  • Create a suitable environment for them to pursue God

It’s about planting a seed and letting God, our gardener, tend to it. For the seed to grow, we can introduce things that promote a better environment.

Listen to music that edifies the spirit. Create a prayer chart, where you write the things you are trusting God for, and the breakthroughs when they happen. Have a weekly bible verse for each family member to memorize, so that you encourage hiding God’s word in your heart. Show them how to apply the verses that they memorize to their everyday lives.

In conclusion,

childlike faith

There is something about child-like faith that we need to leverage on. Teach them when they are young, before the things and pleasures of this world define their stand. So that their stand in this world will be defined by their preparation for eternity.

If your child is a little older, give them an opportunity to receive salvation. Evangelize to them.

I will be sharing tips over the next couple of weeks, of how I’m teaching my toddler about God and eternity. I believe that this is the best time to start because she learns both actively and passively.



Keep Walking : Day 29

There has got to be more to life than just working to pay bills and survive.

This life is only a drop in the ocean of eternity, yet sometimes we get so sucked in and forget it is a mere corridor. We need to keep walking to our destination and arrive there in good shape.


This world is literally not our home. We are just passers-by. We are aliens and strangers, not permanent residents.

Over the last couple of days, hubby has been encouraging me to do what I was created to do. To remember that I was created for eternity, so I shouldn’t sacrifice my life after earth for a few worldly pleasures.

Have you gotten sucked up by the world and it’s worries and forgotten that you were created for eternity?


The prayer of the day:

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of life. There are many times that  I have gotten side tracked by the pleasures and worries of this world that I have forgotten to invest my time in the eternal.

Help me to have my final destination in mind at all times. Holy Spirit please remind me to store my treasures where they cannot be stolen or eaten by moths.

In Jesus name I pray and believe,


The song of the day:



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