The Manger Project

Story time in the K household is quite entertaining. Most times, Miss K switches between the audience and the story teller.

I’m so glad that children’s books have illustrations that help to tell the story. Most times, they ARE the story.

This is a typical story time:

Mum reads the story……

Miss K speaks up-

“Mama, what’s this?”

‘Mum, and this one?”

“Mummy, look! It’s a cow. Moo!!”


Last week as we were reading the Christmas story, Ksena asked me these questions:

“Where is Jesus?”

“Where is His bed? Mama! Where is the bed for Jesus?”

I showed her the manger and explained to her that the inn was full, so he had to be born in a stable. I later told her that Jesus is the lamb of God, and lamb are born in stables. Hmm, I know she probably didn’t get the ‘Lamb of God’ part, but it’s so nice to introduce her to Jesus in a way that gives her more perspective. I’m preparing for our Easter story sessions a few years from now, or earlier. We talked about how not all little ones have a bed or the same toys that she does, but we can share with them.


As I reflected on our conversation, I got an idea that I called the ‘Manger Project’. The aim of the ‘Manger Project’ is to┬ábe the hands and feet of Jesus to a mum this Christmas. You can bless a new mum this Christmas season by putting together a little bag with essentials, giving her baby accessories. Showering her with love. Helping her through pregnancy and post delivery.

The manger project is about being available, offering your heart, time and ‘stable’.

We may not have all that we desire, but we can be a blessing to one another.

Over the next couple of days, there will be many conversations in our household about presents-giving them and receiving them, as well as presence; Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. As we make merry, may our eyes and hearts remain stayed on Him.