Don’t Give Up! You Can Do It.

“I can’t do it!” she exclaimed in sheer frustration.

At that moment I run to the bathroom and found her sitting on her potty, upset, saying over and over, “I can’t do it.”

As I stood at the door, A myriad of emotions flooded my heart. I was sad that the negative self talk voice was at work. I mean she is only two, don’t little humans get a bit more time without having to fight the other voices? I was determined to let her know that indeed she can and she will.

I hugged her and reassured her that she can do it and she will do it. I reminded her a simple truth, that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her.

This happened at a time when I had been reading about Moses and I could really relate with him. The negative voice had told him that he was not skilled enough to speak to Pharaoh.

Exodus 4:10 New Living Translation (NLT)

But Moses pleaded with the Lord, “O Lord, I’m not very good with words. I never have been, and I’m not now, even though you have spoken to me. I get tongue-tied, and my words get tangled.”

God’s response showed Moses God’s power.

Exodus 4:11 New Living Translation (NLT)

11 Then the Lord asked Moses, “Who makes a person’s mouth? Who decides whether people speak or do not speak, hear or do not hear, see or do not see? Is it not I, the Lord?

When I AM sends you, go, He is behind you and He knows it can be done.

Our memory verse for the season is:


The good news is since that day, she has been able to use the potty and we have celebrated her effort. Potty training is a work in progress, like everything in life. Sometimes we get it right, other times we don’t, but all in all, we stay the course, and choose not to give up. We celebrate ourselves because we can, and we will.

What is it that you’ve been telling yourself that you can’t do? What have you been holding yourself back from doing? Today, I urge you to examine it according to the word of God and hear what He says. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.



What’s In Your Hand? Use It – Day 25

For a long time, I used to think greatness in my life would begin when I had something else or a different set of circumstances.

Then the Lord asked me, ”What is it that you have in your hand?” Now, when the Lord asks you a question, you better think before you answer, or rather think as you answer. But you see, I am not the first person that He has asked this question He asked Moses what was in his hand.


Exodus 4

Then Moses answered and said, “But suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice; suppose they say, ‘The Lord has not appeared to you.’”

So the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?”

He said, “A rod.”

And He said, “Cast it on the ground.” So he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from it. Then the Lord said to Moses, “Reach out your hand and take it by the tail” (and he reached out his hand and caught it, and it became a rod in his hand), “that they may believe that the Lord God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has appeared to you.”

God went on to use this rod to do amazing things. Moses thought he needed extraordinary skills and things for people to believe him, but God needed him to see that He was extraordinary enough. When God is with you a mere thing that you could even dismiss becomes extraordinary.

I just love this!! It is God who qualifies, God who edifies and God who aggrandizes.


When Elisha met the poor widow in 2 Kings 4 who needed to offset her debt so that her sons would not be taken as slaves, he asked her what she had in her house. Her response was “Nothing at all, except a flask of olive oil,”. He told her to borrow as many empty jars as she could from her friends and neighbors. Then he instructed her to go in to her house with her sons, shut the door and pour oil into the jars and set them aside as they filled. Her small flask of oil filled all the jars until there weren’t anymore, then the oil stopped flowing. He told her to sell the oil to offset her debt and then she would remain with enough to sustain her and her family.

Now, let me ask you, what is in your hand?

It may look meagre but God is able to multiply it and increase it’s value for His glory.

Don’t sit bemoaning that life is not fair for another day, tell the Lord “this is what I have in my hand” and allow him to use it, pour you out and multiply it. May it be used to bless many souls, change many lives and leave a legacy.


The prayer of the day:

Dear God,

I thank you that indeed you have good plans for me. You have equipped me with everything that I need for life and godliness. Please forgive me for the times that I have complained and doubted because I have been unable to see the bigger picture. Lord, today I present what I have in my hands to you. I acknowledge that there are many times that I have looked down upon it but I know that you are able to use it and increase it. Here I am Lord, pour me out, for the glory of your name.

In Jesus name I pray and believe,


The song of the day:



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