‘Our dreams are valid’ is what I think to myself everytime I see Miss K practicing her ballet that has been heavily influenced by a rodent, Angelina Ballerina.

“Mum look I am balancing” she squeals and then proceeds to twirl along. Ky joins her in a swirling motion, like ice cream being dispensed onto a cone, with a smile on her face and a dizzy spell in tow.

“Mum, I want you to teach me ballet!” Ksena told me, I almost spilled my tea, honored that she thinks that ballet is one of the things that I am good at and that I am a graceful ballerina.

I think that they’ve got a hang of balancing better than I have. Sometimes I feel flustered as I balance being a mum and writer (now published author), while incubating and working on other dreams. Though I am learning that some structure and accepting help goes a long way. And the grace and poise will come with the training and territory.

The story would not be complete without sacrifice and patience, the fine print that should be in font size 72 and caps because they are the core of the journey.


I write when the household is asleep, most times yawning, not because the content is boring but my bed beckons and there is something about seeing people sleeping that makes me want to sleep too.


I think I kept failing this test. It feels like I have been going around the mountain for 40 years and growing weary. I had my own grand timelines for my book(s), but they did not work out. My prayers became microwave editions, with timelines on them. Frustration peaked when after ‘2 minutes’ the meal was not ready.



You know the joy that you feel when you cook up a storm and it looks good and tastes good? I have the same kinda joy in my heart. My first published book Bloom is FINALLY out. I wrote it one year ago and it has been such a journey, but it is out and I am a very different person and writer from the lady who wrote it.

When I got my final sample my girlies were so excited, Ky kept squealing, “Mama!” when she saw my picture, and she ran to show anyone who cared to see. Seeing my picture and name on a book is still growing on me, but my obedience coupled with God’s goodness, faithfulness, and counsel, that I could get used to seeing.

Here I am, a dancing ballerina with joy in my heart, looking forward to learning some more beautiful steps in the ballet class of life, and dancing to please my King.

If you would like to order Bloom, please send me an email via and I will let you know how to get it.



Keep At It

Every time I look at my photos from the past, I’m left so blown away by God’s goodness and the growth that has happened right beneath my nose. Now I see why albums are such precious memoirs, each picture tells a tale of His faithfulness.

Being a stay at home mum, means I’m with Ksena most of the time. In between diaper changes, meal times and the activities we do, sometimes I fail to see the growth taking place. It’s only when people see her and exclaim how big she’s gotten that it hits me, perhaps she was growing all along. When she tells me a story or starts singing out of the blue, I realize that she’s been learning all along.

Yesterday she told me the stories that we’ve been reading in her bible, and I was humbled. Reminded to keep at it even when I can’t see the results happening.  Sometimes she decides she wants another story, in the middle of the one we are reading, but it is not in vain.

This made me think about my walk with God, sometimes I struggle with my readings, stop reading a book midway, but I’ve purposed to keep at it. Though I may not see the transformation as it happens, a few days later, I realize my perspective has changed. His word has transformed the way I think.

I want to encourage you to just keep at it. Keep doing what God has called you to do, even when it seems like you are barely moving.


Keep pursuing God; your time with Him never leaves you the same. When you look back, you will see how He has transformed you.

May you have a blessed week ahead.


Best Foot Forward Always

Hello (:

How was your weekend?

Good news from my end, my little one is back to eating. Her appetite is back, PRAISE JESUS!! I’m sure that there are some angels resting in heaven. They know that Mama Ksena {or whatever they call me up there} has stopped praying about appetite and Ksena’s eating every waking moment. Now they just dance before the Father as I give Him all the praise and glory.


This morning a friend, asked me for weaning tips. I chuckled to myself, because weaning has been on of my biggest challenges as a mother. I have tried very many things, read a lot of articles; attempted many recipes, had to smile through frustration but, now, NOW I’m WINNING. With Jesus I’m winning. I will not complain about the post-meals clean up, they are like a project. Ksena won’t let you feed her. She is Miss independent, learning to feed herself. Just the other day we brought her from hospital and now she mostly wants when she feeds herself. Sigh. They grow up so fast. Her attempts are getting better, sometimes the vegetables miss and land everywhere else apart from her mouth, but I happily pick them up when she is done.

A friend of mine told me that I do quite a lot, this was my response:

In my eyes I view myself as just another SAHM, drowning in the in-between. Now i’m getting comfortable in my odd normal. Some days are productive as per the world’s definition, others are spent trying to decipher toddler and meet her needs.

Her response was perfect!

What is just another “SAHM”? Odd normal is good. Best foot forward everyday whether its wiping food off hands and faces or writing something that will encourage or inspire someone.


We all need friends who cheer us on even when all we have done is chased a toddler around the whole morning. These are the real cheerleaders.

Here is my best foot forward this hour. I pray that it blesses you. When you notice the silence up in here, know that I’m busy letting my light shine in other aspects of my life. Sometimes multi-tasking is too much work for me.

Speaking of lights shining, this is one of Ksena’s favorite songs right now. May it remind you to let your light shine.





Motherhood is wonderful, but it is also hard work. It’s the logistics more than anything. You discover you have reserves of energy you didn’t know you had. – Deborah Mailman

Before I became a mother, I thought I knew myself, my strengths and weaknesses. That all changed last year, when I discovered reservoirs of strength that I knew nothing about. I was stretched beyond my previously known limits, but by God’s grace, I survived.


I thought it gets easier as the babies  grow older, but I have quickly realized that each season has its challenges. The current season’s challenges may be different from the last’s but they are challenges in their own right.

Here are a few tips that help me maintain my sanity as I raise our daughter, Ksena.

  • Wake up before your baby

It helps to get a head start into the day. For a long time, I used to wake up when Miss K woke up, but, I realized I was a bit of a grump. I would boot as she was all cheery, and my mood, or lack thereof, would not match up to her energy. She is a morning person and I am a warm-up-into-the-day person.

A friend told me that I should try wake up before her and the results have been amazing. When she wakes up, I am ready for her, emotionally and physically. My energy levels match hers.

  • Dress up nicely

Being a stay at home mum is not an excuse to look drab.

How you look affects how you feel. When I feel bleugh, I know that a quick outfit change can spruce up my mood.

Being a stay at home mum is a job too. So dress up nicely; wear a little make up for yourself, if it makes you happy.  Your body may have changed, but it is still yours, so love it or at least learn to love it as you plan to change it.

  • Reflect in the silence

Reflect on the previous day, what did do you do? how did you feel? what didn’t you manage to do? Plan for the day and write down your plan to keep yourself accountable.

  • Feed your body

Have a good breakfast without interruptions. This is the equivalent of going on date by yourself (: .Taste the flavors and chew slowly; I learned the hard way that sometimes these are luxuries, especially when you are newborn hazing. Choose foods that will keep you full longer; make healthier food choices, swap the sugar for some honey, increase your water intake.

  • Get inspired

Read the Bible, let God speak to you and encourage your heart. Pray and listen to uplifting music. From there you will be able to speak into your family’s life and encourage other people. You can only give what you have.

  • Purpose to enjoy

Decide to enjoy the day. Do things that you love with your little one. Be present, persistent and intentional. Teach them something new.

Above all, remember to live, laugh and love.

Happy Parenting!



Be Magnified : Day 6


I went to the beach yesterday, it was breathtakingly beautiful. There was a perfect peace that covered me. I couldn’t help but just stand in awe of God and join creation in worship Him. As I looked at the ocean and reflected, there was an impression over my heart. That I have made God too small in my eyes. This song was heavily on my heart and I wept as I sung it.

I was quiet for a few minutes, because it was true. I realized that I had begun to look at God from a very small lens, and in my folly I would measure Him against my circumstances. Folly of the highest order but my reality all the same. Considering I am a stay at home mum and writer, you can imagine what I measure Him against. I am chuckling as I write this because it is absolutely ridiculous. This past week, we have had blackouts every day without fail. It has made writing a bit tricky; but God’s power and might have nothing to do with Kenya Power. He is God in times when they supply us with electricity and in times when they don’t.

God is so gracious. Even as He convicted my heart of that wrong, He loved on me and begun to show me just how big He is.

I left there refreshed and challenged. In AWE of the most high God.

What circumstances have you been measuring God against?

When is the last time you just stood in AWE of Him and thanked Him for who He is?

The Prayer of the day is:

Dear Lord,

I thank you for the privilege that it is to know you and be known by you. I worship you Lord, because you are God. You are not defined by anything or anyone. You are sovereign.

Please forgive me for the times that I have made you too small in my eyes; the days that I have measured you against circumstances. Forgive me Lord, for the way that I have magnified situations and minimized you by sometimes looking for help from mere men. Yet you are the only one who can help me. Indeed some trust in chariots and some in horses but I choose to trust in the name of the Lord.

Help me to always see how big you are. To see you as you really are; God. There is nothing that you can’t do, and I declare that my eyes are on you, be magnified Lord, be magnified.

In Jesus name I pray and believe,


The song of the day is:

May the Lord encourage you. There is nothing to hard for Him. HE IS GOD. May He be magnified in every aspect of your life. Have a lovely day.



P.S If you would like me to stand with you in prayer, feel free to send me an email on



Life is constantly changing. As days go by, not only do things change but people too.

Change can be unnerving, confusing and scary to say the least. Sometimes you are super prepared for it, other times, it comes and knocks you off your feet. Once in a while it can take your breath away. In some rare occasions, it can knock the wind out of you and leave you feeling hopeless.

One of the mistakes that I have made several times over the last couple of years is dwelling on the confusion after the change of season. There are times that I have wished that I could just linger on in the season that just ended because it had been uncomfortably comfortable. Yes, I was uncomfortable, I desired something new; I was also comfortable in the predictability of the season.

I have learned that it’s not bad to dream and yearn for what has passed temporarily, what is bad is, focusing all your energy thinking about where you could be. When the seasons of life change the calling does too. Sooner rather than later it is important to figure out what the calling for the new season is.

These are my guidelines for getting the best out of any season:

*Identify the Season

Mourn the one that has passed if need be. Embrace the one that you are in and set out to learn the lessons that it holds.

*Heed the Call

God speaks, if we are willing to listen, we will hear Him . His purpose for us as individuals is very specific. It is important to understand what He desires of us and then work from there.

The last couple of weeks, I have had a burden for stay-at-home mums, who wonder if they are doing enough. Here is a reminder that you are:-


Continue heeding the call that you received. Remember there is no better place you can be than right where God needs you to be. You may not receive a monetary reward, but allow yourself to see your worth as much more than money can buy. When the new season comes, give it your all, but don’t sit by the door anticipating the next season just yet. Enjoy the one you are in and let the Lord minister to you and renew your spirit.

Sometimes I dwell on the past and eagerly anticipate the future. However I am slowly learning that I should enjoy the boundary lines that God has place me in for a time such as this.